Empowering excellence in software quality through AI.

We're on a mission to revolutionize software testing. Our innovative approach combines the power of image recognition and natural language processing, ensuring that your software is not just tested but refined with precision.

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The future of precision testing

Why Zof AI

Zof simplifies testing with effortless precision, seamlessly unlocking accelerated releases. We let your requirements documents drive your testing workflow.

Effortless Testing Workflows
Zof enables everyone, from Product Managers to Engineers, to execute complex testing effortlessly.
Automated Visual Testing
Bid farewell to manual visual testing. Zof automates visual testing, ensuring repeatability and precision.
Faster Development Cycle
Test earlier, release faster. Zof shortens your software release cycle, offering automated release sign-off.
Empower Your Engineers
Confidently empower your engineers to sign off on releases. With Zof, its like having 1,000 software testers at the click of a button.
Detailed Defect Insights
Zof goes beyond reports, providing detailed defect insights and integrating seamlessly with your preferred issue-tracking software.
Optimal Quality from the Start
Test at the early stages of development with Zof, ensuring optimal software quality right from the start.

Transform Your QA Approach

Ready to revolutionize quality at your company?

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